Ottawa Photographer – My sister in law

I would like to introduced to you my sister in law Jacynthe.  As previously mentioned in another blog post, I purchased a new Nikon camera and lens so I asked Jacynthe if she would mind stepping in front of the camera so I could do some more testing.  She was a pretty patient model, relax and attentive to my directions.  I love this photo because her dark clothing on the dark set up brings the attention to her face and dark eyes.  Jacynthe is an easy going person, enjoys volleybal, loves cats and rabbits, is a vegeterian and is single!!!!

I also took some amazing gorgeous pinup photos of her, stay tune those will be posted in a slideshow later.

Merci Jacynthe d’avoir ete une superbe de model.  Au plaisir de travailler avec toi encore dans le futur.