It’s your time to be Glamorous in the City with a boudoir session.

So many women I work with are nervous before their boudoir session because they worry about how to pose and that’s completely natural. I want you to know that when you step into my studio for a boudoir session, I will pose you, and make sure you are comfortable head to toes!

Picture of a women legs for a boudoir photo shoot
The Tushie photo is one of the most popular photo women choose

Women posing during a boudoir session
I will pose you in a flattering way

You just need to relax and enjoy the moment. I will pose you in flattering ways that work best with your body frame and that will photograph nicely. I might get you to play with your necklace, with your laces, looking away and photographing details are all things I use to create diversity in an album but also keep you looking gorgeous, no matter how awkward you feel!

Close up of a women for her boudoir photo session
A close up photo of yourself can be displayed anywhere in your home

“You don’t pose to look like a model; You look like a model because I pose you!”

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‘Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.’- Ellen Degeneres