Ottawa Bridal Boudoir Groom’s Gift

picture of a bride in a photo for a bridal boudoir picture

Your wedding day is the day you will look and feel your most beautiful. You have been planning this day for several months, even years and have thought of all the details so carefully except for your fiancé’s gift?

Have you thought of surprising him with a classy, sexy photo of you with a boudoir session?

Many brides are having boudoir albums made to give to their fiancé on their wedding day because it is an ultimate intimate gift.  However, the grooms gift is usually given on the morning of the wedding day, so when it comes to your boudoir album, there are things to consider such as who will be there when he receives the album.

There really is no right or wrong way to give your album to your fiancé but you definitely have  options as to what would  work best for you. Below are three ways to give him the gift he’ll never forget!

Yes your boudoir photos can come on your own personal app so you can share it with your fiancé without being in contact with all the groomsmen.  Imagine your fiancé receiving a text from you the morning of your wedding advising him to check out the app.

Picture of a phone app for bridal boudoir pictures.
Your fiancé can enjoy your photos without always having to carry your album.

2.  MR & MRS
After your wedding day is over and you find yourself alone together to spend the night give him the album so you can both share the full experience.

An album showing pictures of a person for boudoir.
An album is a great gift for you and your fiancé

If there is too much to think of on your wedding, give him your boudoir album on your honeymoon.    Slip into one of your sexy outfits you’re wearing in the album, pop some champagne and have him unwrapped it or hide it under his pillow. You will both be more relaxed and enjoy the moment.

picture of a bride in a corset for a bridal boudoir photoshoot.

If you are in the wedding planning stages and considering a boudoir session as a gift to your fiancé, it is recommended that you book your session in advance and allow 6 to 8 weeks from the time of the session to the delivery of your album.

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