A Fabulous Ottawa Boudoir studio experience

A well equipped professional photo studio often gives you the most versatile environment for your boudoir session. It is private, welcoming and calm.

You can stage a shot as simply or elegantly as you wish. Some clients will want a romantic setting with props, others will want an outfit that represents their significant other, others will want semi silhouette artistic nudes and others will bring their bridal attire. Others will want just a shirt or robe while sitting on a chair.


Bring props that represent your signigicant other's taste
Bring props that represent your signigicant other’s taste

A consultation is always recommended to discuss what your preferences are and in what settings you will feel most comfortable. The more relaxed and prepared you are, the happier you will be with the results of the images.

Having photos taken by a professional photographer can be absolutely life changing in the best possible way. You’ll walk just a little bit taller and with more confidence than ever before.

I strongly recommend that you book your boudoir session so you can have the Chantal Benoit Photographer studio experience.

Check out this slideshow and see what Victoria had to say about her boudoir experience.