Will you Love yourself Now!!!

Women lying on a blanket in a baby doll dress
It’s time to take ownership of your body!!!

It’s time to take ownership of your body? Yes I’m talking to You!!!  Isn’t  time you gain your confidence and self-esteem back?  The one you lost when you became a wife, a mom, a boss ….
Not when you are at the right size, not when you have a new hairstyle, not when you fit the designer clothing. You are special and you are someone to be cherished and as beautiful as anyone else right now.
Boudoir photography used to be a style of photography that was not considered appropriate due to a risqué nature and was spoken in secrecy.  But today boudoir photography has become very popular because women are more modern, out going and open.  Boudoir is considered to be fun, tasteful and no longer something to hide!  Are you an outgoing woman looking to have fun?

Women posing for a boudoir photo
Because it’s time to embrace your curves, your laugh lines, your cellulite and take ownership of your body and believe you are important and special.
Lets capture your inner beauty and who you really are. The experience will be empowering, exhilarating and motivational. It will give you confidence and connect with your femme fatale side while maintaining class and elegance.

Women lyin on a bench dress in cowboy cloth having her boudoir photo taken.
It’s time to have fun. Bring your favorite outfit.

I know you are nervous or shy, it’s very normal rest assure that I will make you  feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin and give you an incredible experience.
So are you ready to love yourself now?  Connect with me at 613-841-1469 or e-mail me to receive your fabulous boudoir experience.

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