Have you forgotten about yourself?

Lady in lingery sitton on a safa having her boudoir pictures taken
Step out of your mommy duties and feel like a woman again with a boudoir session

Your family is your world and you always put them first. You are so busy with your everyday chore and your children’s activities, you forget to eat and shower, you wear sweat pants all week with stains from your children’s dirty hands and you have a pony tail.

You have lost yourself when you became a mom, have a few more curves and think you are no longer attractive.  Forget about lunches, diapers, school bus or cleaning a mess. It’s time to let your hair down, put on make-up and get your sexy back by stepping out of your mommy duties.

Lady in a baby doll sitting on a sofa having pictures taken.
Curvy is Sexy!!!

Let your feminine and seductive side be captured with a boudoir session. The side you completely forgot about.

So you have a few extra pounds, embrace them. This is where you are meant to be at this point in your life. I have done boudoir sessions with many women who had extra curves and it was amazing for them to regain the confidence they had lost.

Boudoir is for every woman, any shape, size, curve or age. It’s about celebrating the female form in a romantic and sensual style. It’s about capturing your inner beauty.  Let yourself enjoy a glamorous experience and be pampered while indulging on a glass of wine and listen to soft music.

You will not be judged at my studio. You will feel sexy, relaxed and have a good time.

So give me a call at 613-841-1469 or email me to book your Ottawa boudoir experience.