Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Will you be a Modern Women?

When I was young and would look at a 50 year old lady, I would think of her as an Old Women. Now that I am in my 40s and working with women on a regular basis I get to meet these fantastic females and think that 50 is Hot, healthy, smart and very attractive.

She’s raised her family, has built a career and earned a good living and has accepted her body changes. Her life is NOW beginning. The mature women is classy, graceful, divine and has a sense of serenity. When I think of a sexy mature women, I think of Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and Raquel Welch.

As I am now entering the 20th year of my career I see these mature women more and more at my studio and hope that I can be as hot as them when I’m 50.


They are modern, confident with themselves and their body. They are empowered and they love life. Their hair is colored, it’s long and styled or it’s short and funky. They wear 7″ high heel shoes, boots, designer accessories. They have acrylic nails, they wear make-up and have tattoos.

Modern mature women have learned to embrace the freedom to express themselves.

They take the day off, book an appointment with their hairdresser and make up artist so they can have their seductive side tastefully captured. Then they call their girlfriends to go out and paint the town.


Isn’t time you took ownership of your body? Yes You!!!. You will never be as beautiful as you are right now.

Stop being afraid of what people will say. Sexy is a state of mind. Slip out of your daily clothes and slip into your attitude.

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“She is beautiful … She is a woman – Shakespeare”

“A couple of years ago I read an article on a photographer from Orleans who did Boudoir photography. The article intrigued me and I thought that might be something I would like to experience. I approached the time in my life where I was feeling great about decided it was now or never.

Working with Chantal was a fantastic experience. Her professionalism was paramount and she genuinely took an interest in the type of image that I wanted to convey in my pictures. She was very open to suggestions and made the shoot fun and exciting. She was able to capture the best of who I am and the resulting pictures surpassed my expectations.

I am very pleased that I picked an amazing photographer like Chantal.” – Jane G.