Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – What is Boudoir?


Boudoir means a lady’s bedroom or private sitting room.

It is hard to pin-point exactly when it started, but it has been noted that the French and Belgian prostitutes of the late 19th century would make postcards or images for their customers as a memento or to advertise for new business.

With the advent of the sexual revolution and magazines such as Playboy, the female body has taken another form of personal expression.

Boudoir photography has been around for quite some time especially in the last few years. It has been rising in popularity amongst women seeking something sexy, with class but yet empowering. It’s the ability to feel comfortable in your own skin either for yourself or a loved one with an adventurous allure. It’s where you can act on any impulse.

Today’s relaxed environment allows women to act out a role, or fantasy without the fear of judgement. From lingerie for a special occasion, a piece of every day wardrobe, to costumes and role playing, anything a women feels they want to act on is now available to them.

Halloween Costumes are used for fun and play. From fairies, nurse or police uniforms, princess-like gowns, to favorite sports teams, cheerleader outfits, school girl outfits and just about anything imaginable.

From motorcycles, to the beach, exotic cars, sporting locations, the feeling of adventure or danger, women will pick fantasy themes to work with and let their authentic side come out from their daily lives.

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