Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – These boots will walk all over you!

Working with this 4’11 petite female was a blast.  Anything goes, not hard to please, Marianne is easy going, not complicated and beautiful.  Of course most of her friends are hairdressers so I’m sure she gets allot of good tips.  

She brought in different outfits for me to photograph her in, bathing suits, casual and evening dresses.  She also brought different pairs of shoes and boots because she could not decide which one to wear so she made me choose.  Marianne is a shoe lover. 

I love her boots.  Love them so much I went to 3 different Aldos to get a pair for myself and no luck.  They were all out.  Bummer.

These photos will compliment her shrine from the last session I did with her a couple of years ago.