Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Quantity vs Quality

When women are looking for a boudoir photographer, they tend to look at the price and quantity of images vs. the quality and service.

Anyone can take a camera and snap away. Not everyone has an artistic eye to accentuate the features of a women, understand professional lighting and make the client feel at ease and look her best. A women needs to feel beautiful and as a professional women photographer I can surely relate to that.

At Chantal Benoit Photographer quality is more important than quantity. When you look at a magazine, they will showcase 4 to 6 of the best images of the model picked from a whole day’s session. You will not see images that have not been edited or retouched or repetition.

Boudoir sessions take time. They are not a snap and go experience. It is important to make the client feel comfortable as she is about to reveal an intimate side of herself.

The retouching of the end product is also time consuming. What woman wants to see herself in sexy lingerie with veins, cellulite, pimples, etc. Professional retouching techniques need to be applied on every single photo purchased by the client which takes up a good amount of time.

Would you rather have a large quantity of images that are not retouched or a selection of your best high quality photos that you really love with soft skin and slimming effects?

Keep in mind less is more.

I dare you to call me today to book your session. I know you want to.