Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Is your Figure holding you Back?

Glamour, beauty, loveliness, attraction, elegant, charm, allure, captivating … none of these words are defined by height, weight or age.

Many films such as Calendar Girl, the Dove Commercials, Actresses like America Ferrara, Delta Burke and Queen Latifah have influenced women into accepting how they look.

Women are becoming much less conscious about their bodies because size doesn’t define who they are and are no longer afraid to show off their curves.

Beauty, attitude and confidence comes for the inside. Real beauty comes from within.

It’s time to stop being so hard on yourself. Take out your lace, your sheer clothing, put on your favourite perfume and be bold. Curvalicious is sexy.

So why do boudoir? Why not? Boudoir is for every women, any shape, size, curve. Even if you feel you have some extra curves, as long as you are happy with your body, your mind, then you should do it. It will be a life time memory, an amazing experience and it can also be something from your bucket list.

I have done boudoir with many women who had extra curves and it was amazing for them as they knew what they wanted and were very sexy. Sexy is not just about size, its about the way you feel, the way you dress and the confidence in you.

You will not be judged at my studio. You will feel sexy, relaxed and have a good time.

So give me a call, I know you want to.

It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not – Author Unknown.

You still don’t believe me, watch this slideshow and see what Nathalie has to say about her boudoir session.