Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – Don’t see yourself as sexy, a little risqué – a femme fatale?

Think again.

We all have a special smile, hand movement or look that makes our body sexy and this uniqueness is ageless. A boudoir session is about personality, outlook and positive attitude…….

There is no age, shape or size for boudoir portraits neither is there a perfect body. Some women will choose to do their boudoir session before they start a family, because their body is where they want it to be, however, there are many mature women who are comfortable with their body and their age is just a number.


Whether it’s your favorite piece of clothing, a bra or panties, garters, heels, stockings, lace, leather, satin and velvet – these sexy props can support the creation of alluring images and show off your ingenuity. Boudoir is a perfect cure for women rediscovering themselves and help take back ownership of her body and her self-esteem. It’s power giving.

Boudoir is personal and to truly enjoy the experience – you should plan it. It’s all about feeling gorgeous and incredible regardless of age. It is more popular than a standard studio session.

So what is holding you back? You deserve to feel beautiful. Send me an e-mail by clicking here so you too can enjoy the Chantal Benoit Boudoir experience.

Still not convinced, watch this slideshow and see how Madeleine felt before and after her session.