Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – A gift for you and maybe a Christmas gift too

Hello Gorgeous!

Isn’t it time you treated yourself to a naughty collection. Isn’t time you enjoyed a personal experience where you feel sexy and incredible.

Boudoir is about feeling beautiful. It’s not about getting undressed, but rather you’re getting ready to show your best self. Boudoir is about capturing the essence of a women, who she really is. It can be empowering, exhilarating. inspiring and a great ego boost.


You think you don’t photograph well …. this is not your passport photo. Let a professional capture you in attractive lighting, delicate props with a talented eye that will show you just how sexy you really are. Enjoy a candlelit room with a glass of wine and soft music. Your experience will be amazing and relaxing.

This uplifting experience can be for you as well as your significant other. You’ve grown tired of giving the same old Christmas gift and hate the struggle every year of finding something original to give. Then, this truly exceptional idea is the solution for you.


Imagine his heart-racing reaction when he sees you in a way he has never seen you before. Imagine his face when he sees you looking provocative, risqué, chic or elegant. Your boudoir images will capture you in a way that will make him want to see more.

Let yourself be captured like never before and beautifully present a keepsake album or an art wall hanging for your bedroom. A boudoir photograph is the perfect way to give him something he’ll never forget.


Give your partner what he really wants. Call today at 613-841-1469 or e-mail me at  to reserve your appointment. I know you want to.  Collections start as low as $250.