Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – 50 and Fabulous

Ottawa boudoir session 50 Fabulous Glamour
This was such a fun photo session with a fabulous lady.

You are 50+ and you’re tired of being marketed by retirement homes, hemorrhoid cream and all those products that comes with aging, because you feel beautiful, fabulous and incredible. Today’s 50yr old women is magnificent, fit, healthy and full of life.

She is much more sophisticated than she’s ever been. She’s much more modern, shops for designer items and takes care of her looks by going to the gym and visiting her stylist on a regular basis.

Maybe your kids have moved out. Maybe you are beginning a new life or even a new relationship. 50 means a whole new world and it’s your time to have yourself immortalized in tasteful images.

Do yourself a favor, take the day off, book an appointment with your hairdresser, your make up artist, come in and be captured and then go out and paint the town. Call your girlfriend and make it an afternoon where both of you can each receive the same funtastic experience.

Neli is a very hard working women and was in need of some “me time”. Her boudoir session was her chance to be pampered and feel beautiful. Her make-up was nicely done, her hair was colored with striking red, her outfits were elegant. She is a soft and delicate women and a pleasure to capture.

View the slideshow and see for yourself.

Psst …. You’ve missed the Christmas deadline, no worries, boudoir photography is an awesome sexy gift for Valentine’s Day.