Ottawa Boudoir Photographer – From Mommy to Glamour …. It’s your Time to Shine

When you have a family, you put them first.

You are so wrapped up in your daily  routine and your children’s activities, you forget to eat and shower, you wear gym clothes all week, a pony tail, stains from your children’s dirty hands.

You think your partner doesn’t find you attractive. Have you heard him complain? He loves you the way you are, he loves your curves and your hour glass figure. He sees you differently than you do.

It’s time to step out of your mommy world, for an afternoon, and get your sexy back!

So you have a few extra pounds, embrace them. This is where you are meant to be at this point in your life.

Boudoir is about celebrating the female form in a romantic and sensual style. Boudoir is a luxury item. You indulge on a glass of wine and listen to soft music. You let your hair down and relax. You get to put on make-up and have your feminine and seductive side be captured. The side you completely forgot about.

You don’t have to worry about lunches, diapers, school bus or cleaning a mess.

You let yourself be pampered. Feel glamorous about who you are … inside and out.

After your shoot, get a baby sitter and go out to celebrate the rest of the evening with a romantic dinner with your partner. Book a room at a hotel and spend the night together without the kids and rekindle each other’s love.

Watch this slideshow and see how Julie went from her daily look to being sexy.

“I met Chantal a few years back for a boudoir session. Since then my body has been through a lot of changes especially after having 3 kids. I always told myself I would go back to see her for another boudoir session after a little nip/tuck because I had so much fun with her the first time. But then I thought life is so busy with 3 kids and this dream of correcting my little flaws is silly. So I decided to embrace my little flaws as they are traces of my past, my 3 amazing kids.

I had a lot of fun preparing for this session by shopping and going to the salon to get my hair and make up done. At the beginning I felt a little shy but Chantal turned that around quick! After our session I felt sexy, I felt like an individual, I felt empowered, like I could do anything.

Thank you Chantal for bringing my sexy back!! You sure do know how to make my not so perfect body look amazing. I will for sure want to do this again as for once, it was about ME!! – Julie Benoit”