[New Video Blog] To reveal or not to reveal that is the question?

beauty portraits for him

photo session beauty portraits for him


Why should you watch this? Because you want the photo session but don’t want to wear any lingerie.

THE VIDEO: Did you know beauty portraits don’t have to be revealing?

Many women do not own lingerie because it’s not their style, they think it doesn’t look good on them, they don’t see the purpose of it however they still want the experience and the photos to remind themselves that they are beautiful. Hopefully this short video will bring you much comfort and ideas on what to wear to your session.

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You will find below the information and timing included in this video.

0:02 – Question and Introduction

0:10 – Introduction of Chantal Benoit Photography’s logo

0:17 – Answer to question with additional information

0:34 – Examples of photos

0:52 – Final word

1:05 – Examples of photos

1:29 – Are you ready to book your session?

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