Must Have Resolutions

Raise your hand if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight, workout, eat right or anything related to your physical appearance. My hand is up, and I’m betting yours is too.

Every year we set out with our “New Year’s Resolution List”? Lose weight, save money, be better. Those goals are all amazing, and this year I have some new ideas to help.

1. Print and hang up a picture of what you want within a week of reading this article. Better yet, every month on the first, print out a new photo. We all have millions of awesome pictures saved digitally, but having a real, tangible one hanging up is so important and helps your mind stay more focused on the goal!

2. Make different meals. We all get stuck on that 5-meal rotation. Find something different you have wanted to try, or 10 things, and make plans to buy those new ingredients, and make a fun night out of it!

3. Plan that boudoir shoot that will be a life changer for you. It’s something a little different that’s going to require more work- awesome! Make it an exciting project that’s your escape from normal life! Just be progressing towards making it happen, and choose to look at it as a release rather than a stress.

This year put a boudoir session on your bucket list!!!
This year put a boudoir session on your bucket list!!!

This New Year, try something new that you can be get excited about, and above all, DO IT!!
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