You are never too old to be spontaneous!

A nice sexy you is not defined by your age, weight, height or gender. It is a personal feeling and a boudoir session is a personal experience. A Boudoir photo is proof that you are celebrating the romantic and sexy you and that does not stop at any age. Look at Cher, Barbra Streisand, Raquel Welsh. They have gotten better with age just like a fine wine.
It’s a time-out for you, there is always time for family, friends, work…but you need time for just yourself and a Boudoir session is just that – time to be yourself. Every woman deserves to feel feminine shamelessly in her own unique way.

Boudoir Ottawa Photographer
There is no age for boudoir

Lise and I met many years ago when we worked together in the Government. I always found Lise to be a beautiful classy female, so when she contacted me to be photograph I felt honored that she would let me capture her beauty.

She shared with me that she had a special someone in her life and wanted to surprise him with classy photos of herself. During the session, I convinced Lise to reveal a bit more of her intimate side and I’m sure glad I did because the results are phenomenal.

A boudoir session is a very powerful experience and every woman deserves it. I would love to help achieve that goal for you. Call me at 613-841-1469 or e-mail me so we can chat.

In the meantime check out this slideshow and see what Lise had to say about her session.