Limited Edition Set at Chantal Benoit Photography

classy boudoir set up

Limited Edition Specials For Boudoir Photography.

Limited Edition boudoir photography set up

The Limited Edition Specials are unique boudoir sets only offered occasionally at Chantal Benoit Photography Studios.

A lot of work is put into finding these unique set ups so they are elegant, luxurious and different from the regular boudoir set ups. A Limited Edition gives you the opportunity to be the first to have a unique set up from what your friends have experienced with regular backgrounds.

Here are 5 tips to help you prepare for your boudoir photography consultation.

The last Limited Edition celebrated was back in September with the Royal Blue Sofa set up. This sofa is difficult to transport so therefore can only be used in a limited edition. The Royal Blue color is rich therefore complimented very well the brick wall background.

Everything is set up for the day therefore it permits more bookings in the day and offers a package at a lower cost. It allows a woman with a smaller budget to take advantage of the experience.

Although this Limited Edition were mini sessions and not quite the same as the regular session, only 3 were booked so the ladies could still have an enjoyable experience as the regular session.

You will find below photos of the beautiful ladies that came in for their empowering experience.

boudoir set up ides

boudoir photography set up

classy boudoir set up

boudoir photoshoot ottawa

boudoit photos ottawa

boudoir photography ottawa

boudoir photography ottawa ontario

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Don’t have any lingerie? No problem simply borrow something from Chantal Benoit Photography boudoir lingerie closet.