Jewelry Ideas to Make Your Boudoir Photos eye catchy


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How to get ready for your boudoir session

Your boudoir session is definitely a time to bring you out of your comfort zone and adding a bit of bling without going crazy to your outfits doesn’t hurt anyone!! A bit of jewelry can transform your look from cutesy innocence to sultry diva for your boudoir photos.

Here are 5 Jewelry Ideas to Make Your Boudoir Photos look stunning.

1. Chandelier Earrings

These kind of earrings will add enough sparkle to glow and tell a story of a woman who currently feels sexy and confident.

2. Tiara

Boudoir can make you feel like a princess so why not add a Tiara as it will lift your emotional state of mind. You deserve to do this, and a tiara will make you feel just right.

3. Statement Ring

A large ring can add some spice and fashion as long as it doesn’t take over. It should add just enough color and attitude to show your true spirit.

4. Statement Necklace

Highlight your neckline with a simple solitaire if you want elegance as it will add just the finishing touch to your photos. For a bigger statement add a bling-bling necklace.

5. Belly Chain

It’s not every day you have the opportunity to wear a belly chain and boudoir is a great opportunity to do this. A belly chain will look amazing with your 2-piece outfits.

Bonus Tip: Pearl necklaces are also a fun prop to bring that isn’t cheesy or over the top! They add a sense of classic elegance to your photos. Bring one strand or bring many! They can be long or short; used as an outfit to cover up your naughty bits (or not); you can hold them, they can drape down your back…The possibilities are endless!

If jewelry is really not your thing, it is definitely not a requirement! However, it can be a fun addition if you find that your outfit is incomplete. Consider these jewelry options to compliment your look.

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