Is print dead?

Little Black Book

Digital photography became popular overnight and has made the art form of photography accessible to nearly everyone. From social media to cell phones, ipads and emails photography is easily shared and people now live in a jpeg world.

The downside of this is that printed products are now being considered a vintage product. People no longer get to feel and touch photography products and some day will stop existing because technology changes so fast and the files won’t be compatible. People will also have nothing to pass down from one generation to another.

This isn’t the end of printed photos, it’s the golden age.

Boudoir is about a women wanting to do a professional photo shoot featuring her lovely self in lingerie.  It is an experience, to say the least and there is something so nostalgic about seeing these beautiful photos in print especially featured in a Little Black Book as you see your story unfold in a tangible form one page at a time.

This Little Black Book can easily be stored in a night table or in the bedroom for you to access quickly and to look at when you have a bad day. You can touch and feel this keepsake at the same time remember your experience and just how beautiful you are. Can you do that with digital files?


photography albums

How personal and real can your story feel when you pass this Little Black Book to your significant other versus sending them a digital copy via text or email.

Wouldn’t you rather decorate your walls, tables with photos than decorate your hard drive with folders?


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Print your memories so you can create new ones and enjoy them. These are gifts that matters.

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never too late


A note about holiday gift-giving:

Every year I get requests for bookings in early December, from clients hoping to gift their boudoir collections to their partners for the holidays. And every year I have to break the bad news to those requesting it is too late. Please plan ahead because December is too late to book your session and have your photos back in time for the holidays.

If you think you want to have your albums and other photo products in hand by mid December, NOW is time you want to book your session. I know it seems far in advance, however it can take up to 6 weeks after your session to receive your products. If you need to sign up for a payment plan, you’ll need even more time.