Is Pinup just for thin Women?

No it’s not.  Pinup is a movie star day out, stopping traffic, accelerating pulses, being a tease, going back to an era of seamed stockings and cherry lips.  It’s about being confident about who you are, showing off your curves and being proud of them.

When Dina approached me for a pinup session I had to tell her that my costumes would not fit her and was afraid of offending her.  I gave her ideas for some costumes but thought for sure she would walk away.  She replied to my e-mail and said she would find something.  Her husband, Martin, is a big fan of pinup and had a book on Pinup so Dina managed to find all her ideas from that book.  The internet is another great way to find examples.  Dina went shopping at various places such as Addition Elle and Party Packagers and found 3 outfits.  I was impressed to how much attention she had put to the details.

Working with Dina was so uplifting.  She’s a big girl and she knows it.  We laughed until our cheeks hurt.  She stood in front of the camera and gave me these expressions to capture.  Dina has a way of putting a huge smile on my face.  She’s easy going and doesn’t take anything seriously.  When she saw her proofs, she fell in love with the photos and decided to purchase herself a brag book album. 

If Dina was able to dress for this part why can’t you?