How to take a Sexy Selfie


Ready to take sexy selfie? Want to impress your significant other?

Here are 5 tips on how to take better selfies with your phone:

1. Find good light

The most important tip for taking a good selfie is to find “good light”. What is good light? That is a large light source with soft light in front or slightly to the side of you. Do not try to selfie with the light or sun behind you! You will have infinitely better photos when you face a window or a doorway with plenty of light.



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2. Hold your phone head-height and off to the side

It is always best not to hold your phone straight out, or below your chin. By holding your phone at least the height of your face, and then slightly off to one side, you’ll instantly have a more flattering angle.

Turn your head slightly, chin down a bit, and point your cheek at your phone. By dropping your chin a bit and pointing a cheek bone toward your phone, the angle is instantly more flattering than straight-on.

3. Slightly open your lips and breathe through your mouth

With a subtle parting of the lips, you’ll take your selfie from serious to sexy! You only need to separate your slightly so it looks amazing! Look at magazine ads for examples and your will notice models parting their lips as bit.


4. Lift your eyebrows

An elevation of one brow is another key to a sexy look. It also opens the eyes and tightens the skin around the eyes for a flattering look. Just be careful not to look like a deer in the headlights if you try to raise both brows.

5. Smile with your eyes

You’ll be amazed at what a tiny smile with your eyes can give you a naughty look! You can practice that by standing in the mirror.

I hope these tips were useful and you have inspired to be less shy in front of the camera. I’m sure your significant other will enjoy anything you send!!