How to Prepare Your Hair and Skin for Your Boudoir Session

preparation tips for your boudoir session

preparation tips for your boudoir session


Picking your outfits for your boudoir session is exciting, however it’s important you don’t neglect your skin. Nice lingerie is important, however if you add that to un-maintained hair and rough skin it might not look good together.

Your Skin and Hair matter in Boudoir Photography.

Here are some 5 tips on how to prepare your hair and skin for your boudoir session.

1. Cut and Dye

Get your hair cut a week before your session so your edges have time to soften and get your color done as well so it settles down within a week. Avoid last-minute changes before the shoot as it might force you to change the date.

2. Waxing

If you are used of waxing your legs or other parts of your body, then you know how long it takes your skin to settle down. Therefore, waxing the day before your session might result in redness and bumps. It might be good to get it done a week prior to your session.

If it’s just your brows, you can wait a couple days before the shoot and adjust with tweeze the day of.

3. Mani/Pedi

You can get a manicure/pedicure the day before a shoot without causing any problems.

4. Avoid Sun and Spray Tan

If you are a regular tanner, then continuing tans the week of your session is fine, however don’t overdo it. Stay away from the sun the week of your session as this will get you sunburned and possibly peeling by the time your need to look your best. Spray tans won’t come through in photos like you want. You shouldn’t worry about the lightness of your skin.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water days before your shoot is important as it will make you appear radiant and hydrated by the time you get in front of the camera.

A little pampering build confidence, and that pampering definitely come out beautifully in photos down to the last detail. Not only, that confidence will help you to get the best photos possible.

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