How to have sexy smooth skin for your boudoir session.

sexy smooth skin for boudoir photos

sexy smooth skin for boudoir session photos

If there’s one thing about boudoir different from other sessions is just how much of your skin is going to show therefore glowing, smooth and sexy skin is very important.

To make sure your skin is picture perfect, here are 7 tips to follow:

1. You will want to keep your skin cleansed and moisturized more than usual the week before your session as the camera will love your skin

2. Facials are great for the skin, however you might want to book a few days before your session as they tend to bring out blemishes.

3. Drink plenty of water the week leading up to your session as it will hydrate your skin and give it a glow look.

4. Stay out of the sun to avoid sunburns and avoid greasy food as it might cause you to break out.

5. Try to rest at least 2 nights before your session to avoid bags underneath your eyes and rest will make your skin look healthier. If you do have bags, use slices of cucumber, tea bags or cold compress to revitalize that area.

6. Exfoliating dry skin will give your skin a boost and stimulate the circulation in your body.

7. Use non oily firming lotion all over your body the day of your session as it will help tighten your skin and prepare it for the camera.

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