How to get ready for your boudoir session

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Boudoir Session

exquiste boudoir session in ottawa

The biggest mistakes women make before a boudoir session

A common question I get during boudoir inquiries is about how to get ready for a session.

Here is a list of my 5 favorite tips that will help you get ready for your session:

1) Wear lose clothing to your session so you don’t have unwanted lines on your skin left by that the clothing you wore. Also trying to take off a tight shirt after you’ve had hair and makeup done might be inconvenient. It’s best you arrive in sweat pants, a loose shirt, and bra-less.

2) Avoid the tanning bed and spray tan unless you normally tan then stick to your routine. If you don’t though, skip the temptation because your skin is not used to the tanning bed and may appear blotchy after a visit or two due to uneven tanning.

3) Get your body ready – Shave or wax however stick to what you are use to because the last thing you want to do is try something new and irritate your skin. Apply nail polish on your finger and toenails. Chippy nails polish might cost you extra in editing.

4) Start stretching – It is very common to feel sore the next day. Start stretching 5 to 10 minutes and your body will thank you for it.

5) Eat smart and drink plenty of water – as it give you a healthy glow and make you feel so much better. Eat a healthy breakfast the morning of your session such as eggs, toast, fruit, juices are all perfect choices.

Bonus Tip: Be Confident – It’s completely normal to be nervous however it’s time to love yourself now and be confident in who you are. I promise to work with you every step during your boudoir experience so you feel like a completely new woman after your boudoir session.

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