How to display your boudoir photos tastefully in your home

Product Feature - boudoir display

Product Feature - boudoir photos display

Many woman choose the Play Book or the Little Black Book with the photos printed directly in the pages, as they are personal, small and can be placed in their night table.

Some woman are happy to display their boudoir photos on the walls in their home however because they are revealing they question where would the appropriate places to hang them.

My suggestion is always in the bedroom either over the head of your bed, the sofa, or the walking closet as it is a private space. Some woman choose to hang a photo behind their significant other’s clothes so it’s seen every morning while getting dress.

A bathroom attached to the master bedroom is another great place to hang boudoir photos as this is usually a room that is private to the owner.

At first many woman might think hanging a boudoir photo of themselves is a little much but think of yourself as a piece of art in a gallery.

There are 2 styles you can choose from. Either a large photo mounted on Masonite and laminated place in a frame. The Masonite will prevent the photo from bubbling over the years and the lamination will prevent the photo from scratches. The other option is a 2 inch canvass for woman who don’t want a frame around the photo. The canvass also gives the illusion of a painting.

Multiple sizes are available to accommodate the size of your wall.

It’s time to change those stories in your brain that you keep telling yourself, and replace them with the truth. You are strong, you are beautiful, and you are worth of awesomeness in your life!

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