How to choose the best lingerie for your body type

sexy curvy body boudoir

sexy curvy body boudoir lingerie

What shape do you see when you look at your body? The more honest you are, the better the lingerie will fit.

Tips for buying your lingerie.

Here are ways to help you determine what shape you are:

1) Pear Shape – you have a heavier bottom and a smaller chest. Accentuate your tiny waste line with a beautiful corset. A push up bra will pumped up your bust.

2) Apple Shape – your shoulders are broader with a heavier top. Draw attention to your waist line and away from your shoulders and busts with a deep V neck as it will elongate a line from your face down to your torso.

3) Rectangular and “boyish” – you are a straight line all the way down. A padded push up bra will create curves and a waist line. High thighs and garter will elongate your legs and create a taller, longer appearance.

4) Hourglass – your bottom and top are balanced with a small waist line. Find anything form fitting that will show your curves. Tiny lace teddy’s are amazing for your shape.

It’s all about balancing and accentuating the most flattering parts of your body. If you really want to show your body, tasteful nudes are the best way to showcase all it’s natural beauty.

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