How to avoid being blotted for your boudoir photos

purple hair ideas

Boudoir photos with purple hair ideas

Your boudoir session is fast approaching and you want to look your best. Here are 3 tips and tricks to follow before your boudoir session:

1. Drink plenty of water, green tea or dandelion tea as it will help you flush the toxins in your body.

2. Sweat it out as exercise will de-puff your face and stomach. Try hot yoga, steam rooms, cardio workouts.

3. Stay away from salty and processed foods as they will make you swell and make your skin break out or appear greasy. Vegetables and homemade entrees will make you look your very best! Avoid alcohol for at least a couple of nights before your boudoir session as it will dehydrate you and prevent you from getting the sleep you need to be at your most radiant.

Follow this link to get tips on what do to with your nails before your boudoir session.

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