How a manicure adds to the visual interest of the photo

bad maninure for boudoir

Boudoir photography is not just about lingerie, lace, heels and jewelry.

The nails is an important detail that is often forgotten and boudoir sessions is one of the times that a manicure matters because the tiniest details can make a big difference.

bad maninure for boudoir


What to wear to your boudoir session.

You should consider at least a basic manicure because there is a good chance your nails will be photographed in all their glory.

The most popular color is neutral as you don’t want them to be distracting or the main focus of your photos. However if your style is always wearing bold colors then go for it.

You can even consider choosing a color that matches your outfit. A bright colour might grab the attention and take away from the rest of the photo however if you are looking to make a statement a bold color will sure make a great one.


nails for boudoir shoot


If you prefer just a little splash of colour, opt for a pastel pink. This tiny touch will perform the same role as the neutral nail.

Deep reds, blacks and even purples can look very sexy with dark lingerie and evening wear makeup. Dark nails can pull attention, so make sure to match them with your lingerie and, possibly your shade of your lipstick.

If you are unable get to your nail appointment before your session and think you can get away with your current manicure it would be best to remove the nail polish and go with natural nails.

Chipped nail is not pretty, it can ruin a perfect photo. It is time consuming to fix and might cost you extra cost to fix.

All of my clients get a “How to Get Ready for your Boudoir Session” guide with all kinds of tips and tricks such as this one.

Whatever your choice, the importance is to take care of your nails as the camera picks up every detail.

Book your session today and I will walk you through the whole process!