Finding the right pair of shoes!


Shoes or no shoes?

So, you’ve found your sexy lingerie and outfits. Now what? There are so many types of shoes to select from! The proper shoes will make your legs look long, lean, and luscious, qualities you definitely want to flaunt in your boudoir photos!

Does Shoes Matter for Boudoir?

The number one go-to pick among women are pointy heels – and open-toed ones! From there, it’s easy. Heels weren’t made to feel good. They were made to help make your booty pop, your legs look long and flex your calves! Choose your favorite color or one that goes along with your lingerie! Black is a color that stands out and makes a statement. If you are a little torn between colors, keep that in the back of your mind!

However, black can stand out a little too much with white lingerie. It can really throw it off. Try matching with white, gold, or silver heels! Don’t let it overwhelm you. Simply color coordinate with your boudoir outfits. If you have a colorful outfit and are still unsure of what color might flow well with it, opt for nude-colored heels!

One major tip you might want to consider is: If the bottoms of your heels are worn out, don’t bring them and avoid disappointment! Treat yourself and buy new ones!

Avoid wedges or chunkier block heels unless you’re going for a vintage look, as they won’t really go with the vibe of the session.

A pair of cowboy boots can also add a provocative touch to your ensemble.

Another option, if you’re the kind of person who likes to feel your bare feet on the ground, feel free to skip the shoes all together! This will give your photos a more natural feel and put some extra focus on the lingerie you choose, just make sure your toes are nicely painted!

Did you know you can borrow high heel shoes from Chantal Benoit Photography’s lingerie closet from size 6.5 to 10 in many different colors?

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