FAT is just a 3 letter word

boudoir photography

When a woman decides to have boudoir photos taken the first thing that happens, is typically concerns about her weight.

The most common excuse I hear when I ask a women if she would be interested in doing a boudoir session is: “I’m too fat.” I need to lose some weight.” Well I’ve never heard a man say I wish she would of lost weight before doing her boudoir session but I’ve heard them say I wish she would of worn less clothing!!!

It’s time to Love your Curves !!

“Fat” is a word that keeps us from enjoying many things in life such as wearing bathing suits, tight jeans, little black dresses. We tell ourselves that we can’t because we need to have a certain image of ourselves that doesn’t meet the reality that we see in the mirror.

Let me tell you this. You don’t need to apologize for your body image to anyone. You have every right to exist. The word fat is not what defines you.

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and age. Every woman can take beautiful, sexy photos. It is a common misconception that you need to lose weight or get in better shape before a boudoir session. Curves are sexy and the camera loves them.

Women prevent themselves from doing boudoir sessions because they think they don’t look good in lingerie. You don’t have to wear lingerie to feel sexy. Sexy is really just a mindset.

It’s my job to help you get into that mindset. If you feel sexy in a men’s shirt and some boyshorts then go for it. I would say that 95% of my clients choose to do the tasteful nudes and end up being their favorite photos of all. Many of my curvy clients have purchased wall prints of their tasteful nudes to remind themselves they are beautiful and that the word FAT doesn’t control them.

If you are waiting to loose 10 pounds to do your boudoir session then you are putting off a huge opportunity to receive a confidence booster and an empowering experience.

You could always consider doing a “before” and “after” boudoir session: do a session now and come back after you’ve reached your goal weight.

Don’t be too hard on yourself than the world is. Be fearless, not fat. In my opinion FAT means fabulous, attractive and terrific.

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