Does Footwear Matter for Boudoir?



You’ve selected your lingerie for your boudoir session and you are wondering if footwear matters? The answer is a big Yes.

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Here are tips to help you select the right shoes so you look amazing in your boudoir photos.

The style of shoes you want to avoid are wedges, sandals and flats as they won’t show off the shape of your foot.

Instead you want to bring pointer heels, stilettos, chunky heels whether it’s a closed or open toe, doesn’t matter. As for colors, black will go with dark colors. Nude is great with light colors.


If you are someone who never wear heels, keep in mind that heels are only for show in photos. The purpose of them is to make your legs look longer, add details, class and elegance to your photos.

Heels can also do a lady good when it comes to posture, accentuating muscles in her legs and will make your bootie stick an extra notch. It’s also very surprising how much confidence heels will bring to a woman.

Heels weren’t built for comfort however they were built to make your legs and bum look good!

Did you know Chantal Benoit Photography offers a lingerie closet to her clients and has a collection of shoes from size 6 to 10?

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