Do you provide the lingerie?

green black body suit

You are encouraged to bring your own intimate lingerie. This way you know you have items that are flattering on you, the right color and fit. This ensures you look and feel your best and you are comfortable and confident.

Chantal Benoit Photography does offer access to a lingerie closet from sizes small to 3X.  A consultation is recommend to ensure proper fit before your boudoir session.  A consultation is recommended so you can look at what’s available and the size.

You will find below some of items you can borrow at Chantal Benoit Photography for your boudoir session:

Shoe size from 6 to 11 with colors ranging from red, black, beige and royal blue are also available to borrow.

Boudoir Lingerie closet.


Boudoir lingerie closet shoe Size 7


A beautiful net pink gown found at forever 21 in on size fits all. You can always find fun piece at that store at affordable prices. This gown is very elegant and covers a lot. It will give you the illusion you are covered but not completely covered.  A similar lace gown in size large found at Zara will do the same purpose except it covers more of the top. Perfect with black panties and bra.

Pink Cover


Lace Robes in white, pink and grey from La Vie en Rose in size small-medium.

3 piece lace white lingerie


Lace Robe in Black in size large. It will cover anything you’re a bit concern with however still very sexy.

Black lace robe

Lace Robe in White in small.

White Lace Robe


Men’s white shirt in size 15.5 and 16.5.  Looks awesome with your favorite black bra and panties.

Sexy Men's white shirt


Black sheer and lace outfit.  Bring your black panties and let Chantal Benoit Photography take care of the rest!!

Black sheer lace outfit


Different color of bra (size 34B to 42DD) and panties (small to 2x) .

La Vie en Rose red bra and panty

bra and panty set from La Vie en Rose

black garter plus size

Different colored baby dolls

Red Baby Doll for mature women


red baby doll

turquoise baby dolls

bleu baby doll


Push up Lace Bodysuits.


curvy girl boudoir

Push up lace bodysuit



lace black body suit green black body suit green body suit peach bodysuit

Bodysuits for curvy women


Sexy Pink Satin Romper.

Sexy Pink Satin Romper


Black Mesh Baby doll


Corsets & garters

black corset Black red corset

black garters for curvy women

Elegant slips

Ottawa pinup photographer


Beautiful elegant Burgundy Robe

elegant burgundy boudoir robe

AND so much more is available.  You can see what else is available at the Boudoir Lingerie Closet.   Chantal Benoit Photography is more than happy to pamper you with lingerie.

Just keep in mind when you’re considering a boudoir session to bring what makes you feel good and most of all what represents the woman you are even the one hiding on the inside. If you feel comfortable in your clothing it will show in your photos and they will turn out amazing as you will exude confidence.

Going shopping for what to wear and being able to wear the lingerie again is part of the empowering experience of feeling confident and sexy.

Check to make sure you look & feel great all the way around in the outfits you select. You want to accentuate your favorite features and minimize the parts of your body that you want to de-accentuate. Make sure to try on your outfits in full before your session so you are happy with them.

Be careful with what you buy as you might not feel comfortable with the way it looks and then you might think that it’s your body and cancel your session when all together it’s the lingerie that is mass made that doesn’t fit most women.

To book or to get more information send me an email or give me a call at 613-841-1469. I can’t wait to hear from you, and show you how beautiful you really are.