Do I Need To Lose 10 Pounds For My Boudoir Session

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Many clients avoid scheduling their boudoir session because they want to lose weight. The answer is No you don’t need to do that. This is really not necessary. When you avoid scheduling your boudoir session to lose weight, you may end up never doing it at all.

5 Myths about Boudoir Session or Lies you Tell Yourself

In all seriousness, your size, shape, and overall physical appearance are not what’s important at all. You are fantastic and you are worthy.

You will find below, reasons why you shouldn’t let your looks bother you.

1) I’m very adept at what I do; and have an eye for boudoir. Over the years, I have shot many different body types. All these experiences have taught me a thing or two about angles and lighting. Knowing how to utilize these two things properly can make all the difference during a photo session. Let’s pick out those flattering angles and put you in your best light.

2) Maybe there is a part of your body you aren’t the most comfortable with. It’s your session, and if you don’t want something showing, that is perfectly understandable. When you choose your outfits for the big day, you can pick items, such as a bodysuits, that cover those parts which will make you look fabulous. It is important that you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the whole process.

I love helping you feel awesome for your boudoir session and want you to come in feeling confident and empowered.

Still not sure of the whole process? Connect with me to book your free boudoir consultation at 613-841-1469 or by email so we discuss the process further.

Don’t have anything to wear for your boudoir session? No problem, simply visit my boudoir lingerie closet and borrow something you’d like to wear for your session.