Do I have to pose myself?

ottawa boudoir posing

ottawa boudoir posing

Do I have to pose myself is a popular question. The answer is no. I’ve seen clients loose sleep the night before their session and arrive to their session extremely nervous even after telling them during their consultation that they would not have to worry about posing themselves. It’s also included in my getting ready PDF that I provide all my clients.

It’s to be expected, nerves do time and time get in the way. These women are coming for their first boudoir session experience, they are not professional models and they don’t know what to expect.

How to get ready for your boudoir session


Once I set them up in a their private room with soft music, a glass of wine if they want, then they start to unwind and the nerves calm down even more when I tell them I will direct them with posing through the 2 hours they will be spending with me. This is when they achieve beautiful photos for themselves because they allow to let go and trust in the process.

Most importantly, they trust me, as their experience photographer, to lead the way, direct them into very flattering poses and lighting and give them an empowering experience.

So when you book your boudoir session, there is no way you need to know what the hell you are doing when it comes to posing as this is solely my job. This is what I am professionally trained to do and this is one of the reason you hired me as a professional photographer.

Please remember that all the women you see in the photos that I share on my blog posts, website, social media are every day women just like you. They began nervous and ended up with gorgeous, stunning, sensual photos of themselves.

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