Boudoir Play Book – LGBTQ Couple

same sex boudoir

A complimentary boudoir session is offered to all brides that sign a wedding contract with me.

Marg and Nikki choose to share it together. These two are just the sweetest together.

same sex boudoir ablum


What’s the best part about the Little Black Book?



Couples Boudoir is designed to remind you of the connection you have with each other. It can be fun, playful, sexy, intimate or all the above.

same sex photo shoot

lesbian boudoir


We incorporated Marg’s Harry Potter Theme to Nikki’s Body Art Work, to some playful to romantic.

boudoir lesbian curves

boudoir lesbian beautiful woman

Their photos depict the best of their relationship and their passion so they chose to remember their experience with the Boudoir Play Book.

boudoir lesbian passion

same sex boudoir photography


These captured moments will always serve them as a reminder of their love. They are photographs they will treasure together.

boudir lesbian photography

lesbian boudoir shoot

If you think these are beautiful, follow this link to see their breathtaking wedding photos.

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