Curvy Women wanting to feel Sexy is not Silly

sexy curvy women

sexy curvy women

Women are taught to be good wife, mothers and capable employees. Ordinary women are thought to put the needs of others first. They feel guilty if they think about investing time and money on herself.

They also think they need to be a certain age or size to feel or look sexy and that only models, actresses and celebrities have the right to feel sexy.


Women with Curves are undeniably pretty !!


Many women are uneasy when it comes to their body image. It is very rare that women are completely comfortable in their own body.

Curvy or plus sized women often inquire about how their boudoir session would work. It would work the same as any other boudoir session! Chantal Benoit Photography is here to make you look and feel sexy no matter your body size. You should be proud of your curves!

If you need help picking out flattering clothing options, I can help you with that. you can also read my blog on The Secrets to nailing your boudoir wardrobe.  Once you get here, relax and let me be in charge of posing you to make you look your best.

Different body types requires different types of poses to accentuate your best features. It’s my job to know the right angles and poses to help you to look your best.

Remember don’t let your curves get in the way. You know what it’s like, these things get put to one side and then forgotten and then you’ve missed this amazing experience.

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