Coaching you into the right poses

tasteful boudoir photography

tasteful boudoir photography poses

If they gave awards for great poses we’d be thanking the academy.

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One of the most common reasons women get nervous before their boudoir session is because they don’t know what to do during their boudoir session and how to pose themselves. They are worried about what to do with their hands, face and other body parts.

That’s quite normal. None of my boudoir clients know how to position themselves in these sexy flattering poses until I teach them how to.

There are different poses that are flattering for different figures and as a boudoir photographer it is my job to coach my clients on how to pose. It is my job to teach how to convey a mood with your face or how to place your hands down to your fingertips. That is the key component in making you look incredible at your session.

There are important aspects in posing a female such as shifting her weight on the back hip to slim her body, tilting the head to center the color of her eyes or caressing her body to cover her stomach.

A boudoir photo session is not only an empowering experience it is also an experience that takes you well outside your comfort zone. You will learn so much about you and how you can look beautiful in front of the camera.

You might end up being sore the next day however you will be amazed and proud of yourself when you see the final results.

Watch this behind the scenes video and see how it’s done.

Behind the scenes private boudoir session


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