How boudoir was born.


Boudoir – It’s French for a woman’s private bedroom or dressing room. Long ago, in the early 1920s, boudoir photography was considered tasteless and degrading. This was back when women were laughed at, mocked, shamed, and not treated equally or fairly. During this time, it was actually illegal. Things you Will Never be Ask You […]

Finding the right pair of shoes!

Shoes or no shoes? So, you’ve found your sexy lingerie and outfits. Now what? There are so many types of shoes to select from! The proper shoes will make your legs look long, lean, and luscious, qualities you definitely want to flaunt in your boudoir photos! Does Shoes Matter for Boudoir?

Boudoir sessions are made for all women!


You have been thinking about doing a boudoir session but still not sure. Here are reasons to consider: Treat yourself… No matter how old you are, your body type, and your style, you have every right to indulge in a boudoir session. It’s a great pick-me-up and reminder of your beauty and strength. Nothing boosts […]

Fixing your doubts and insecurities once and for all!


Insecurities , we all have some. The most freeing thing you can do for your mind, body and soul is to let go of ego and fear. Anyone can do a boudoir session. You are never too old for it. There is no such thing as a perfect body. As women we teach ourselves that […]

Shopping for all-things lingerie


Lingerie clothes can be frustrating to shop for – especially when it comes to a sensual boudoir session. However, there is something out there just for you. I promise! One thing that’s suggested is to find a lingerie boutique with real one-on-one help. The employees working are experienced with different body types and know what […]

False eyelashes… yay or nay?


Eyelashes are getting a lot of attention these days and if you know me, then you’ll know false eyelashes are a no-brainer when it comes to boudoir photos. It doesn’t matter if your makeup is natural or all-out glammed up, false eyelashes make a huge difference when it comes to boudoir photos. They enhance the […]

Eliminating frequent fears of boudoir session


We’ve heard common myths and fears from women about why they don’t want to do a boudoir session. It’s time to get rid of those fears once and for all! What’s holding you back from your boudoir session?

Luxury hand-bound photo album


Showcase your session in the finest quality photo album presentation. Luxurious yet affordable, your album is carefully printed, custom bound and finished by hand in the style of traditional bookmakers. They say A picture is worth 1000 words with a photo album.

Reasons to always Wear Lingerie


Today we are talking about lingerie. Why wear lingerie? Some will say if there is no one special in their life there is no need to wear lingerie others will say even they have someone they will reject there is no need to bother because they are past the stage. Then there are those who […]

Where to display your Photos without shocking your Mother


So after the monumental hurdle of beating your insecurities straight in the face, booking a Boudoir Session and taking a few deep breaths, the unavoidable question is: what am I going to do with these photos? Don’t worry, I got you covered! Choosing the best way to display boudoir photos in your home