Is your Wedding or Anniversary coming up?

Your wedding day is just around the corner or maybe your wedding anniversary is coming up and you need ideas for an incredible gift. You want to surprise him with something that will make his heart race faster and make him want to cook and clean the house for you!!!

Why not surprise him with a sassy, sexy boudoir photo session? Boudoir is the sexiest gift for your man. Imagine the look on his face when he sees you with your sexy wedding attire, his favorite shirt, something that represents his hobby or a killer dress that you wouldn’t dare wear in public.

Boudoir is the sexiest gift you can give your significant other
Boudoir is the sexiest gift you can give your significant other

Boudoir session is your opportunity to tell your significant other that you love him by being captured in an intimate, romantic, sensual way. It’s your opportunity to remind him how much you care for him. Boudoir is about revealing a private intimate side of you.

I know you will probably be nervous at first but that’s ok! You’ll warm up and you will look fabulous. You will be pampered in a candlelit room with soft music while enjoying a glass of wine.

E-mail me to schedule your boudoir experience. Bring a friend along for the experience and save $50.00 each on the collection of your choice. Let me capture your beauty and your curves in a different light.

Check out this slideshow and see what Candace had to say about her bridal boudoir experience.