Boudoir session: Single or Couples?

Boudoir photography is a style that involves sensual poses. The idea is to give a sense of teasing.

Boudoir is not just for women. Men are very welcome to join their loved one. Imagine having a sexy wall portrait of both of you hanging in your bedroom. Boudoir has always been related to the bedroom and is viewed as a private space. What a better place to showcase your love, intimacy and sensuality.

You can opt to create a seductive shot partly clothed without revealing too much skin, a more clothed sexy attire, reveal yourself in lingerie or show off your curves by choosing to do artistic nudes. Regardless of your choice the end result will reflect you.

People will buy paintings of the unknown to decorate their house why not showcase yourself. This is exactly what Andrea & Rob did with this stunning photo. Their clothing attire reflect their personality and even though they chose not to reveal too much, this photo is sexy and shows that they truly appreciate one another.