Miss K’s Boudoir PlayBook

Sexy gift for him

Miss K selected her favorite photos to put in her Boudoir Playbook, so she could give it to her significant other for his birthday.

We had a consultation beforehand, and I decided to go for a playful and sensual look to suit her attires. I definitely think we were able to capture that!

Miss K brought 2 outfit changes and inserted the nudes as her third outfits and I loved them all!!

New Little Black Book

Without further adieu, here is the sultry Miss K!

Boudoir Playbook

Boudoir Playbook Birthday gift for him

Sexy gift for him with a Boudoir Playbook

empowering experience for her with a Boudoir Playbook

experience for her with a Boudoir Playbook

unique gift for him

unique gift for her

classy gift for her

gift for a 40 year old


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