Chantal Benoit’s Boudoir Props

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am extremely passionate about boudoir because I help women see themselves differently.  With that said,  I like to invest in props and set ups so I can offer a variety and give the utmost experience to my clients.

The following are props that are available for your boudoir session:

The Fushia chair is vibrant.  Great for nudes, black, white, pink or lilac lingerie.  Can be used for a soft look or provocative look.

women sitting on fushia boudoir chair

The navy blue jeans bench in the white background is very hip.  Ideal for clients who want to show off legs or cover their tummy.  You can opt for vibrant color clothing such as red or fushia or keep the same blue tones such as navy, royal and light blue.

women lying on a Navy bench as a boudoir props.

The light blue arch bench is very elegant and stands out in the white background.  For a soft look go with white lingerie or for a bold look opt for black.

light blue boudoir bench

The beige arch bench goes well in the light set up for a soft look.  Dark clothing will really stand out.  It is also great for silhouette nudes in the dark set up to show off certain body parts and will make the legs look longer.

nake women silouhette for boudoir nudes women on a beige boudoir props bench

A dark arch bench is also available and is used in the dark set up with dark clothing as it makes the skin stand out.

dark bench silouhette of a women for boudoir photos

Wood chairs are available for a simplistic look as well as a beige covered material chair.

ladies sitting on a woodden chair

The black velvet chair is classy with black or colored clothing such a red.  Can also be used for a more dramatic look.

boudoir black chair black velvet boudoir chair
If you are a country girl the western set up is for you.  The dark wood chair with the suitcases can also be a great choice for the cowgirl!!

country boudoir set up western boudoir bench western country look
The brown bed is ideal for a variety of posing, on the side, on the back on the tummy.  It can also be covered with different materials to use in the beige or white set up.

brown boudoir bench

Recently new, the grey chair for the white or pink set up and the beige for the dark brown, beige or pink set up.

grey soft boudoir chair

I would love to capture your beauty!!!  Connect with me at 613-841-1469 or email me to schedule your session.