I’ll book a boudoir shoot after I lose 10 pounds.

The myth is true.  The camera can add 10 pounds however it can also take them away with the right lighting, posing, retouching, lingerie, you can feel and look your best in a boudoir session.

It is very normal to fell nervous about taking boudoir photos but don’t let that stop you because  when your physical appearance holds you back from doing something you really want to do that becomes a problem.   10 lbs is preventing women from having one of the most fun, life-changing experiences ever.

Tasteful nudes are always everyone's favorite
Tasteful nudes are always everyone’s favorite

Boudoir photography is a crafted skill carefully honed with years of practice.  An experience photographer is able to look at someone, pose them, light them, and make adjustments specifically for their body shape.  When done properly, it is very tasteful.

These days, everything is so beautifully designed that anything can be worn as lingerie to accentuate your body and make you look your best.  From bra/panty sets, to corsets and bustiers, garter belts, chemise sets, body suits and evening dresses, the choices are unlimited.

That little black dress is as sexy as a piece of lingerie
That little black dress is as sexy as a piece of lingerie

A traditional look tends to be softer, with a dreamy feel.  A Fashion-inspired boudoir offers a dark, dramatic style.

Don’t forget pin-up costumes.  They are a great alternative for women who are concerned about they bodies and want to cover them a bit more. This style is bold, flirty and outgoing.

A pinup look is ideal for someone who doesn't like lingerie
A pinup look is ideal for someone who doesn’t like lingerie

You should at least try one outfit outside your comfort zone as those often become your favorite photographs.


Accessories will add a personal touch to your style such as pearls, long necklaces, earrings, big cocktail rings, body chains, a fedora, a sexy pair of heels etc.

A leather jacket is also another great accesory
A leather jacket is also another great accessory

Boudoir is often a once-in-a-lifetime event.   It’s about bringing out each woman’s personality and confidence! Take the day off.  Have your hair and makeup done.  You won’t regret it!  You will really cherish this one of a kind experience.

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