Celebrating Real Women

At the end of February I had the pleasure of capturing Jennifer’s Beauty.  During the session she confided intimate details of her life and I asked her if she would be willing to share her story because I thought it would be very uplifting and inspiration to every women.

Here is her story:

“I thought I should write a little note as to why I did this photo shoot. Everyone has their own reasoning behind it. I wanted to do this for a number of reasons. In 7 years I will be 50. Why wait and do it now. I had done this at 19 but it wasn’t the same. I hadn’t really lived yet.

Boudoir is for every women.  Let yourself be pampered for the day.
Boudoir is for every women. Let yourself be pampered for the day.

I have had 4 babies, all c-sections within a short time span. My body suffered from this and I recently took action and started exercising and eating properly. To me this is a milestone that I wanted to remember. I will take more photos when I reach my goal because, I believe I can do this.

As many people know, it is coming up to my 3rd anniversary since I was admitted to the hospital pregnant with a diagnoses of being bi-polar. I have worked with fierce determination to be stable and I can say it has been 8 months since my last manic episode. I want to show those who are at rock bottom of this “prognosis” that with commitment we can be whole again.

Let yourself be captured beautifully with a style that represents you.
Let yourself be captured beautifully with a style that represents you.

Last year I duct the biggest bullet. A lump was found in my breast. After 2 weeks of tests and x-rays, I was blessed to find out I caught it in time and that it was benign. They operated and removed it and I am happy to say nothing has come back to this date.

I now have 4 healthy beautiful children a wonderful husband, a talk show, a couple of small businesses and a wealth of friends.

Like everyone else, life is not easy at times. We all have our challenges. I have been bumped and bruised, so I am very proud to be able to photographed to remind me of what I have come through after what life has thrown at me. The battle is real and so am I.

Incorporate your favorite hobby or sport
Incorporate your favorite hobby or sport

The day came when Jon and I went for the viewing of my photos. I admit I cringed. I was scared of what I’d see. A middle aged mother of 4 taking that last ditch effort to hang on to her youth.

What I saw was art. Yes some photos were what would be considered the mainstream of how I wanted to be captured through the lens. Yet, this one photo leaped out of the monitor. I do not know how she did it and nor do I need to know, but at that moment, I saw myself in a piece of art. I looked ageless. I was a woman.

Jen's favorite!
Jen’s favorite!

I didn’t realize how poorly I see myself. This changed today.  Chantal Benoit is not only a photographer but an artist. I highly recommend her. I also appreciate Jon for encouraging me to do this.”

Thank you Jen for sharing your story.  You are an incredible woman and I feel honored to have been your chosen photographer to capture your beauty.