Is boudoir photography defined by Age?

tasteful nudes photography

boudoir photography of a mature woman

Beauty is not define by age, shape or size so who said boudoir has to stop at a certain age.

Beauty is all about being comfortable in your body and with who you are. It’s all about personality, perception and attitude. Beauty does not have a number.

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Some women will bare all with artistic nudes while others will only show certain features with elegant lingerie and leave the rest to their partner’s imagination.

Other women will incorporate their partner’s hobby or favorite sport or simply wear something they would never dare to wear in public.

A boudoir session can be a great opportunity to mark a moment in time, celebrate an occasion, the beginning of a second relationship, rediscover yourself or to show off a breast enhancement or tummy tuck.

It is a personal and empowering experience which will leave you feeling sexy and incredible regardless of the age.

So what is holding you back? Take back ownership of your body and self-esteem. You deserve to feel beautiful.

Miss K is a beautiful blonde 60 year old woman who I convinced to pose nude.

This photo was printed in a 16×20 wall portrait to hang in her walking closest for her husband to admire on a daily basis and to remind Katherine how beautiful she is.

tasteful nudes photography


This is what he had to say:

He thought it was amazing, never stops talking about it , in fact when he was away on a recent trip, he texted me to say he can’t stop thinking of the naked woman in his closet!!!!
Big Success…. Thank you again – Miss K.

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“To let go is to finally obtain the strength of vulnerability”