Are you ready to feel like a woman again?

You are a stay at home mom who lost her identity and who never has a chance to feel sexy. Or you are the breadwinner, personal bookeeper, you cook, clean and do laundry? You went from the top of the shopping list to the bottom of the list after having your children and neglected your own needs.

You forgot your personal worth and failed to celebrate what it is to be a woman? Every women is uniquely gorgeous and should celebrate who they are and feel all glamorous.

A boudoir session is just what you need to boost your confidence, have fun and get excited because this super model experience is for the everyday women. Boudoir photography is a way to feel feminine again and bring your sexy back. Enjoy a pampering experience and take time away from your everyday life and leave with fabulous photos.

Boudoir is for every women!
Boudoir is for every women!












Chantal Benoit Photographer is an Ottawa based female photography studio that specializes in boudoir. Enjoy a calm atmosphere, a glass of wine and be captured at the sound of sensual music.

Boudoir empowers women because it allows them to reconnect with themselves in a sensual and realistic way. It might not be for everyone, but it can surely be life changing. It’s a way to build self-confidence in a safe environment.

Ottawa boudoir photo
This experience will change the way you see yourself.















Call at 613-841-1469 or e-mail me for a personalized boudoir session of your own but in the meantime feel free to browse my boudoir gallery to view more photos.