Your boudoir experience with Chantal Benoit Photography

Ottawa boudoir experience
Boudoir is not define by age, height, weight or size

Boudoir photography is a very personal experience and choosing the right Ottawa boudoir photographer is very important as your photographer will see you in ways you have never been seen before.

Upon entering my studio, you will be set up in a candlelit  private room and free to take your time to change outfits or not!!! and refresh your hair and make-up. A glass of wine will be offered to help you relax and unwind while soft music is playing in the background.
From one female to another, I can make you feel at ease, sexy and incredible about yourself.  I have tricks to emphasize your greatest features and curvalicious body.   Every women is conscious about her body not being perfect.  There are no perfect bodies.

The session is done at my private studio, as opposed to the client’s home to avoid interruption such as the phone, the doorbell or noise coming from children.  A calm atmosphere is provided and very essential so the focus remains solely on you and so you are able to rest and reveal your  private side.

Boudoir experience
Boudoir is a great opportunity to show your body art

My goal is to pamper you and to provide you with a unique experience. I want to show women how sexy they can be. This is not a snap and go experience like the boudoir marathons done in hotel rooms.  The photos will be personalized to your taste with different props and set ups.

I invite you to come in for a consultation to discuss your session, style, view samples of my portfolios, products available and discuss clothing ideas or not!!!

boudoir experience
If you don’t feel comfortable in lingerie bring your favorite black dress

Go ahead pick up the phone and call me at 613-841-1469 or e-mail me to receive your boudoir experience. I know you want to!!!

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