Did Chantal Photoshop me a bit?

tasteful boudoir for mature woman
Before and after of Miss D using photoshop
It’s a amazing how professional hair and make-up will add to your boudoir experience. This is the before and after photos of Miss D

Of course I did!!!! But just enough to make you look like the best version of yourself.

I soften the skin slightly, remove blemishes, acne, lint on the clothing. Maybe I whitened your teeth a bit. Darken your eyebrows and make-up slightly.

It’s time you stop selling yourself short and stop hiding from the camera because you think you need to loose weight, you have a few grey hair, wrinkles, cellulite etc. Your kids don’t care that you gained weight. Your husband don’t care if you don’t look exactly like you used to.

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Stop beating yourself up and trust yourself in the hands of a professional to create gorgeous photos and let yourself be pampered for the day.

Let me take care of your insecurities and body issues. I promise I will guide you through every pose down to the last pinky toe.

There will not be a doubt in your mind that you will be beautiful in the photos that I create for you.

EVERY woman should have beautiful, boudoir photos done of herself!

Still a little hesitant? Bring along your sister, best friend, mother etc. for a double photo session and have even more fun like a girls day out!!

Stop beating yourself up. Come be pampered, relax and be the best version of yourself!

Call today at 613-841-1469 or email me to schedule your boudoir session.

tasteful boudoir for mature woman

She is an artist, she makes you feel very comfortable and sexy. An amazing woman with incredible talent. The photos were breathtaking and my husband was astonished!!!
Thank you for making this day so special for me! You are an absolute star! – Miss D.